ABM Therapeutics, a biomedical innovation company, focusing on the research and development of small-molecule targeted drugs that can break through the blood-brain barrier, and Sansheng Pharmaceuticals, the pioneer of antibody drugs in China, jointly announced a strategic cooperation agreement. According to the agreement, the two parties will make full use of their respective technological and resource advantages to strengthen the development of new products and technologies. The two parties will also conduct extensive cooperation on the clinical development and registration of innovative anti-tumor drug combinations for the Chinese market.

This cooperation will be the first to conduct clinical research on the treatment of colorectal cancer and evaluate the safety, tolerability and efficacy of the combination of ABMs BRAF inhibitor ABM-1310 and 3SBio's anti-EGFR monoclonal antibody 602.

ABM-1310 is an innovative small molecule drug independently developed by ABM. It has excellent cell membrane permeability. As the world's first next-generation brain-into-brain BRAF inhibitor, ABM-1310 has obtained a global patent. Currently, Phase I clinical trials are being carried out in the United States. The initial data has shown good safety and efficacy. 3SBio's 602 is a recombinant human-mouse chimeric anti-EGFR monoclonal antibody injection. Phase I clinical trials for patients and healthy volunteers hs been completed in China for the treatment of colorectal cance. The Phase II clinical study is actively underway.

Dr. Chen Chen, the founder and chairman of ABM Therapeutics, said: "San Sheng is the leading Chinese antibody-drug pioneer with independent research and development, production and commercialization capabilities. Their programs work synergistically with our small molecule platform which is very important to us as partners who hope to cooperate. The cooperation with Sansheng is highly consistent with ABM's long-term development strategy. We are very happy to launch the joint drug clinical development cooperation. I believe that the combined application of the two drugs will provide better treatment options for cancer patients that will benefit the majority of patients as soon as possible."

Dr. Jing Lou, Chairman of Sansheng Pharma, said: “We are very happy to cooperate with ABM Therapeutics. ABM is a leader in the research and development of new drugs that can break through the blood-brain barrier. They have a rich drug R&D pipeline and have become a development platform for characteristic anti-brain cancer drugs and other small molecule drugs that enter the brain. This cooperation will explore the combined treatment plan of 602 and ABM-1310. We hope to quickly promote the approval of combined drug indications and provide patients with more and more effective treatment options."