Invested and incubated by Viva Bioinnovator, VivaVision Biotech, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as " VivaVision ") announced that the company had submitted the application for phase II clinical trial of VVN001, a novel drug for dry eye disease treatment, to FDA on September 1, 2020, and will start the clinical study in the fourth quarter of 2020. VVN001 is an innovative LFA1 inhibitor drug independently developed by VivaVision, and it is also the first project to enter the clinical stage in a series of ophthalmic innovative drug pipeline of the company."We are very pleased that VVN001 is about to launch phase II clinical trial in the United States," said Dr. Wang Shen, the founder and CEO of VivaVision. At present, the curative effect of dry eye disease drugs is very limited. A truly effective drug is the most urgent demand in the market. We will actively promote the research progress of VVN001 in China and the United States, so as to benefit patients with dry eye disease worldwide at an early date. "