Shanghai, China – 2019 Viva Biotech Partnership Summit (the “Summit”) was successfully launched on 8 November 2019 in Pudong, Shanghai, themed “Innovation Partnership Growth”. Founders from over 30 global innovative and biopharmaceutical companies incubated/ invested by Viva BioInnovator (VBI), more than 100 investment institution representatives and R&D and business development professionals of pharmaceutical enterprises attended the Summit. These professionals gathered to discuss how to help global biotech startups to realize the transition from 0 to 1 and commercialization through Innovation, Partnership and Growth.    100.pngDistinguished guests including Qun Dang, Vice President of CSPC Pharma, Zhiping Cui, Assistant President of Fosun Group, Jia Zhu, Managing Director of Bain Capital, Shixiong Gan, Founder of WisdoMont, Yijing Xie, Managing Director of China Renaissance, Denise Chen, Managing Partner of GTJA Investment, John Zhu, Partner of 6 Dimensions Capital, Kevin Chen, Partner of BioTrack Capital, Dan Zhang, Chairman of Fountain Medical, and Guochun Li, Partner of YuanBio Venture Capital presented at the Summit.101.png Innovation from 0 to 1 2019 is a vital and challenging year for healthcare industry and capital market, as well as a milestone year for Viva Biotech. Viva Biotech was successfully listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange in May 2019. Its platform for incubation and innovative equity-for-service (EFS) model, VBI, was growing steadily. Dr. Cheny Mao, Chairman and CEO of Viva Biotech, said in the opening speech, “Biopharmaceutical is one of the most potential fields in China, where suits the best for the incubation of biotech startups. Relying on our strong drug discovery platform, Viva Biotech will provide services to more biotech startups with promising future and help realizing their great ideas.”102.png Other guests also shared their valuable thoughts regarding pharmaceutical innovation and investment environment, that other than those popular fields such as cancer, biotech startups should have more choices. Innovative drugs against different indications have various market demands and value, and differentiated innovation will draw more attention and gain favors from capital market. Cooperation Cultivates Growth At the Summit, Dr. David Xu, Chief Business Officer of Viva Biotech, introduced the positioning and model of VBI, “VBI is solely dedicated to the exploration, investment and service for valuable biopharmaceutical innovation concepts in various indication fields worldwide, and high potential startups with innovative solutions to unmet clinical needs. Viva Biotech strives to build up a ‘one-stop’ resources center and open platform for energetic biopharmaceutical startups and establish an ecosystem through wide cooperation with investors and industry participants, to create values for our platform companies, and therefore to achieve win-win situations for multiple parties.”103.png Most of the biopharmaceutical startups attending the Summit are from North America and China, whose product pipelines mainly focus on the unmet clinical needs in the market. Meanwhile, biopharmaceutical innovative enterprises are facing challenges such as high technical barriers, long innovation period, insufficient capital and long-term service support, thus powerful supports from both biopharmaceutical industry chains and capital markets are needed. Scientists, sizable pharmaceutical enterprises and capital market form complementary relationships with each other, hence cultivates the sustainable collaboration on biopharmaceutical innovation through their organic communication and mutual achievement. In the afternoon, senior management of domestic and overseas renowned investment institutions and pharmaceutical enterprises gathered to explore the forward-looking scientific researches in novel drugs, including innovative treatments for metabolic disorder, oncological diseases and CNS diseases.104.png105.png109.png Nine enterprises including QureBio, Unibiotest, Arthrosi, Acura, ABM, Blue Oak, Saverna, VivaVision and Forkhead attended the pitch challenge sessions at the Summit.