(Beijing, 20-22 Dec 2019) The ‘Future Healthcare VB 100 Summit’ organized by VCBeat and VCBeat Research was held in Beijing. Viva Biotech was invited to the Summit and awarded the ‘Top 10 Public Companies 2019’ with honor.


Dr. David Xu, the Chief Business Officer of Viva Biotech, was invited to deliver a keynote speech themed ‘Early-stage Investment of Innovative Drugs: Valuation and Orientation’. In the speech, he shared views of the current situation of innovative drugs early-stage investments and introduced Viva Biotech’s EFS business model. Through investment, incubation and R&D cooperation, Viva BioInnovator provides initial boost to promising start-ups’ transition from 0 to 1. From Dr.Xu’s perspective, instead of focusing on first-in-class or best-in-class drugs, the value judgement of such investments should depend on the drug’s market demands and technological breakthroughs.


Dr. Xu said, “The innovations and investments of biopharmaceutics in China are currently facing the best timing and environment, with enormous unmet demands against cancer, neurodegeneration, immune diseases, etc. Breakthroughs in technologies will accelerate individual treatment process, and the comprehensive system and technologies will expedite drug discoveries with higher efficiency and lower costs.” As he mentioned, Viva BioInnovator will continue exploring biotechnology start-ups with high potential worldwide, proactively fostering and participating in establishing a bio-medical ecosystem as well as assisting entrepreneurs with the transition from concepts to start-ups to pharmaceutical enterprises.


VCBeat and its subsidiary VCBeat Research founded the ‘Future Healthcare VB 100 List’ in 2015, aiming to select domestic core strength in future healthcare industry and boost the evolution of the innovative healthcare field. VCBeat proactively selected innovative domestic enterprises standing for the industry’s future and announced in the Summit the ‘Top 10 Public Companies’. Shortlisted as one of the ‘Top 10 Public Companies’, Viva Biotech has gained abundant recognition from the market for its strength in R&D service and innovative business mode