The reception was chaired by Dr. Wenbo Yang, our VP of Business Development. She gave an excellent presentation briefly updating the audience on the tremendous progress Viva has made over the last year. First of all, Viva successfully IPO listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HK.01873) in May of this year. Our Protein and Crystal Structure platform continues to lead the industry and provide world-class services to hundreds of Pharm/Biotech companies all over the world. In last year alone, we successfully determined over 3000 protein crystal structures, which is roughly ten times the amount resolved by the company that is the second in place. Viva’s Engine for Lead (Ve-LeadTM) Discovery platform with our proprietary compound library collections and core ASMS screening technology has made tremendous progress and become one of the most sought after drug discovery screening platforms. Over the past 12 months, more than 60 ASMS screens have been performed with over 80% hit-confirmation rates. In one successful case, we helped our client achieve from initial screen to co-crystal in 6 months, to lead in one year, and then to clinical candidate in 3 years.  Viva’s Chemistry department has grown rapidly in the past months to the size of 400 chemists working in state-of-the-art facilities located in three major cities. Our incubation and investment division, Viva BioInnovator, has also performed well with over 40 invested startup companies in the portfolio now. Our investment strategies include both cash investment as well as Equity for Services.

To better engage the audience, an interactive questions-and-answers segment was incorporated into our presentation.  The first five lucky participants to answer the questions correctly each received their prize.  During this interactive quick answering period, the event’s atmosphere reached its climax.  Representing Viva, Dr. Derek Ren (President), Dr. Zhixong Ye (CSO), Dr. Shawn Cheng (CTO), Dr. Rongqiang Liu (VP Chemistry), Dr. Wenbo Yang (VP Business Development), Ms. Yinghong Gao (Director Business Development), Ms. Cathy He (Venture Partner), Mr. Lishan Wang (Director Client Services), Mr. Jin Gao (Director HR), and Ciner Lin (Associate Business Development) attended the reception.


All participants enjoyed a fun and relaxing evening of networking while learning more about Viva’s services in both CRO and investment. Many of our loyal patrons have had many years of fruitful collaborations with us. We heard numerous complements on our best-in-the-class Gene-to-Protein and Gene-to-Structure platforms, as well as our cutting-edge ASMS screening technology. The attendees were impressed by our rapidly growing chemistry capabilities as well as our incubation and investment activities, through which they could see the endless possibilities in the future.

All attendees got a lot of value from the Viva Biotech Annual Appreciation Reception 2019, including having fun, learning new information, and networking with others in the industry. Viva Biotech is making unremitting efforts to help the development of innovative medicine around the world. Thank you very much for all your continued support. We look forward to more fruitful collaborations and seeing you next year at Viva Reception 2020