Shanghai, China - in August 2020, the 2020 CHC CITIC Securities Healthcare Conference and the 9th CEO Summit on investment and M & A of China's healthcare industry was held recently. Dr. David Xu, Chief Business Officer of Viva Biotech, was invited to attend the event and participate in the discussion of the summit forum.


At the forum of "Innovative Drugs and Biotechnology from the Perspective of Capital", Dr. Xu shared the definition of innovative drugs, the future investment direction of innovative therapies and the incubation experience of early biotech startups. "The research and development of innovative drugs is different from that of basic scientific research. In the field of innovative drugs, whether they are targets, small molecules, macromolecules or gene therapy, as long as they can provide new solutions to the unmet clinical needs, they should be defined as innovation," he said. “New breakthroughs in scientific research do not necessarily solve specific practical problems, but innovative drugs must effectively address clinical needs.”


Dr. Xu explained that, "In the choice of investment direction, Viva Bioinnovator pays more attention to product differentiation and whether enterprises can solve real clinical problems. Taking the track of central nervous diseases as an example, I personally think that the current situation of CNS is just like the cancer ten years ago. It has great development prospects and breakthrough potential, and it is one of the main areas we pay attention to. However, the research and development cycle of CNS innovative drugs is long, and the risk is high. For start-ups, the threshold is high, and we will be more cautious when choosing the target of CNS investment. "


Viva Bioinnovator started investment incubation business since 2015, and has invested and incubated nearly 50 biotech start-ups. During the past investment process, we found that the focus of the needs of incubation companies will be different depending on the research field, the size of the company and the development stage. We are also constantly accumulating experience to provide personalized services to incubation companies, and strive to create more value for platform companies.