San Francisco, January 13 to 16, 2020 - The 38th annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference was held in San Francisco alongside an abundance of related investment, innovation, and research conferences (hereinafter referred to as "JPM week"). JPM week is globally recognized as the most important and largest event of the year for the biotech industry where it attracts the participation of top pharmaceutical companies, R&D centers, investment institutions, and a multitude of start-ups from all over the world.


Dr. Cheney Mao, the chairman, and CEO of the Viva Biotech Group was invited to deliver a keynote speech at the main JPM Healthcare Conference. His presentation shared the details of Viva's core business model, which is comprised of dual engines for growth, CFS (cash for service) + EFS (equity for service). Biotech start-ups face a plethora of unmet needs, and Viva is committed to being an investor and partner who can help fulfill many of those needs. As a biotech innovation and investment institution, Viva has an excellent drug discovery platform, experienced technical personnel, dedicated project management, and a host of supportive elements crucial to helping a startup succeed. Viva is dedicated to providing a jump start for therapeutic start-ups with strong potential.


During his presentation, Dr. Mao shared that "the vigorous development of the global market for patented drugs and the rise of innovative biotechnology companies are becoming the key driving force for the drug development outsourcing market. China is also becoming a hot spot of innovative drug research and development which is partially driven by a substantial concentration of capital. Viva Biotech will seize this opportunity to further strengthen the introduction of technology and talents to the Chinese market while actively building and improving the sustainability and expansion of our technology and incubation platforms. We will create an integrated supply chain of "service + capital" and establish an ecosystem of win-win cooperation. This will achieve sustainable and high-quality growth while bringing a maximum return to investors. "


One of the highlight events for new start-ups, RESI San Francisco 2020 (Redefining Early-Stage Investment Conference) was held during JPM week and proudly sponsored by Viva Biotech. As the largest pre-clinical investment conference for biotech start-ups in North America, RESI 2020 attracted more than 500 founders and 1200 guests. Dr. David Xu, Chief Business Officer of Viva BioInnovator, was a guest speaker on the Investment Trends panel. Dr. Xu is quoted as saying, "China today is a hot spot for early drug discovery. There are advantages in technology, talent, policy, capital, etc. As early-stage investors grounded in a CRO business, Viva BioInnovator has cooperated with premier capital institutions from the United States, Canada, and Europe to invest in promising therapeutics. In the future, we hope to both cooperate with more well-known institutions and expand our portfolio with tomorrow's therapies. "


Some of Viva's portfolio companies who are actively fundraising also attended RESI, such as Reglagene, which won second place in the conference's pitch competition. After the event, the Viva BioInnovator senior management along with many founders, and several representatives of top tier investment institutions including Lumira, Wisdomont, and C-Bridge joined together for dinner and drinks.


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