Delaware, USA - Recently, Arthrosi Therapeutics, a biotech start-up that is dedicated to the R&D of innovative drugs for metabolic diseases, has announced the completion of Round C financing, with a total financing amount of more than 100 million RMB. This round of financing will be mainly used for the follow-up clinical research of the company's small molecule drug AR882.Arthrosi.pngArthrosi was founded in Delaware in 2018, and its core product AR882 is the next generation of uric acid excretion enhancer. The company will release phase 2A clinical data at the American Rheumatology Conference in November 2020, and will carry out the large-scale phase 2 clinical studies in several countries in the near future, and actively promote the clinical application of new drugs in China. In addition to its core product AR882, Arthrosi is also working with partners to develop anti-tumor drugs.