The collaboration integrates the strengths of both companies in the fields of molecular generation and evaluation of druggability to jointly promote a new system of drug research and development based on AI technology.


On May 18, AIxplorerBio,  a Viva BioInnovator portfolio company, announced a collaboration with PaddleHelix. The two parties will combine their technology strengths and carry out an in-depth collaboration in the fields of molecular generation and druggability evaluation, to accelerate drug research and development based on AI.


AIxplorerBio is an AI-powered, structure-based drug R&D biotech company, and has been  developing its AI technology platforms and proprietary therapeutic pipelines with an open and collaborative attitude. Since its establishment last year, the company has established a complete molecular design and optimization platform - AIxMol™. The AIxMol™ platform includes several technical modules such as virtual screening, molecule generation, ADMET prediction, and free energy calculation, and has been successfully applied to new drug discovery and development projects.



About AIxplorerBio


We are an AI-powered, structure-based drug R&D biotech company. We focus on the discovery and development of new medicines for immunological and neurodegenerative diseases. In the quest for the new medications, we are committed to creating a AI-powered, data-driven, structure-based, efficient drug R&D paradigm through introduction, cooperation and technological innovation.


AIxplorerBio is established by a team of highly experienced new drug R&D experts and sponsored by the new B/IT (biotechnology and information technology) powerhouse, BioMap, and the leading drug discovery CRO platform, Viva Biotech. In addition to the strategic cooperation with BioMap and Viva, AIxplorerBio also actively seeks collaboration opportunities with AI-oriented technology companies as well as drug R&D companies to explore more efficient new drug R&D paradigm.

About Viva BioInnovator

As the investment division of Viva Biotech, Viva BioInnovator is dedicated to investing globally in biotech innovation with novel solutions to unmet medical needs across multiple therapeutic areas, ranging from biopharmaceuticals to devices, diagnostics, and life science tools. By leveraging Viva Biotech's deep experience and technical advantages in novel drug R&D, Viva BioInnovator provides both cash and in-kind services, also called Equity-for-Services (EFS), for its investments.