Taking place on Jan 10th in San Francisco at a prestigious location in the JP Morgan Conference Room, this is a one-of-a-kind JPM 2023 event that you don't want to miss. This forum will bring together industry movers and shakers, drug discovery enthusiasts, investors and entrepreneurs under one roof for a stimulating discussion on drug innovation on a global scale.

Most of the low hanging fruits in drug discovery have been picked. Transformative innovation today calls for novel approaches and enabling advanced technologies. The first session of the forum will be focusing on strategies on how to leverage some of the most advanced biophysics technology platforms to help tackle the challenges of undruggable targets and new modalities.

During the second session, a panel of premier VC investors and startup founders will be joining a panel discussion on startup incubation, biotech investment and pharma partnership. It will be followed by a session of rapid fire pitches presented by some of the most innovative therapeutic startup companies developing tomorrow's medicines.

If you are interested in this forum, please scan the QR code below to register. We are looking forward to your participation!