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Incubation Mechanism

Viva BioInnovator (VBI) works with some of the world's brightest minds to help discover novel and life-changing therapeutics.We support our portfolio companies in severaldimensions, includingCRO services, financial support, expert think tanks, industry networks, back office operations, etc. We specialize in the creation and development of biotech startups to help turn ideas into clinical products. Leveraging on Viva Biotech’s world-leading drug discovery platform, incubated company can reach the PCC stage within 3 years, which largely accelerates its efficient delivery of milestones.

VBI is committed to being a collaborative platform for innovative biotech companies from around the world. We continuously looking for innovative ideas, and set no restrictions on indication, drug type, or company location. Our projects come from a wide range of sources, with an average of nearly 1000 projects reviewed each year. We have kept close cooperation with global universities, scientific research institutions, incubator accelerators, investment institutions and industry conferences. The business partner team, composed of nearly 30 industry experts, strictly supervises the projects to ensure an outstanding risk-control mechanism.

Our Support

Company Formation

·       VBI can assist in the registration and formation of new companies.

·        There are multiple innovative partnership models that have been put in place to work with the right partners such as helping with spin outs, JVs, risk sharing, and more. We're also always open to hearing new ideas for how we can work with great founders.

CRO Services

·      Our parent company, Viva Biotech, operates a leading CRO platform that is productive and efficient.

·        Viva Biotech's services can enable both quick and quality drug candidate discovery. Viva's platform can help companies to reach PCC in less than 3 years.

·        Their services range from target identification to CMC.

Recruitment Assistance

·        VBI can assist with candidate interviews and review.

·        We excel in helping our portfolio with their long-term strategy planning.

Industry Network

·      VBI can assist in procuring inter and external resources from MNS for R&D as well as business development.

·       We will alert founders to changes in market dynamics.


·       If needed, we can help in procuring lab and office space through our locations in Shanghai, Jiaxing, Chengdu, and Hangzhou.

·        We can provide virtual back office support in the form or HR, accounting, procurement, BD, financing and more.

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